Toward Co-operative Commonwealth: Transition in a Perilous Century

Announcing a Unique Learning Opportunity for Changemakers Everywhere


This course was extremely important and made the possibility of systems change feel achievable. I am truly in awe of the effort and achievement of the course organizers.


This course exposed me to many different ideas that I had not met before. It has changed the way that I look at and evaluate issues. I have gone even further away from conventional thinking and ideas.


As Greta T has said, “our house IS on fire!” This course has helped keep alive my last embers of hope (for a “good” fire) that enough Intelligent and compassionate people may still come together to Unite their knowledge, skills, efforts and resources… to collectively make Cooperative Commonwealth a reality within the very little time we have left in which to do so.


Having access to a pool of ideas is essential for all of us to exercise our imaginations, through taking a dip whenever we wish. I will definitely recommend the resource to others, very useful for getting a group of people on the same wavelength to create further works.


I shared articles and case examples/websites with colleagues. The material was solid! It added new information and helped me make sense of it all. It was clear and compelling. I agree with folks who talked about the huge value it has!!!


After the course, my activism took a new dimension. I had things moving with less effort.

Testimonials from the 2019 edition – 1060 registrants from 42 countries

Toward Co-operative Commonwealth:
Transition in a Perilous Century

4th Edition

Registration opens: December 15, 2021
Start Date:  February 7, 2022

Synergia Co-operative Institute is a community service co-operative whose purpose is to promote transition to a sustainable political economy that is democratic, socially just, and based on the principles of co-operation and the common good.

Synergia unites academics, activists, practitioners, and policymakers in a common effort to identify and implement models of economic, environmental, and social practice that focus on  institutional and systems-level change based on Co-operative economic democracy –  a framework of concepts, values, and practices that give priority to 

  • resilience over economic growth
  • co-operation over competition
  • sufficiency over efficiency
  • well-being over the right to possess
  • fairness and equity over the primacy of markets, trade, and capital
  • decentralized and democratic ownership over centralized power and private ownership
  • the commons over the rights of private property, and
  • our dependence upon nature over our right to dominate it. 

These are not merely theoretical propositions. They are choices about what is paramount for transition in a perilous century. They are the basis for a comprehensive alternative to the status quo – a compendium of ideas, models, and movements that are essential to our collective capacity for transition and survival. These alternatives, and the means to apply them, are the focus of our work.

Several questions frame our thinking and guide our work:

  • How can we meet our basic needs in ways that advance fairness and resilience where we live and contribute to the restoration of ecosystems and GHG reduction?
  • How do we shift the narrative from the mantra of endless growth to one of well-being, sufficiency, solidarity, and living within the natural limits of the planet?
  • How can citizens, communities, organizations, institutions, movements, and progressive businesses co-operate to craft and execute strategies that build solutions that counter the status quo?
  • How do we diffuse and amplify the impacts of existing models and solutions to advance system change?

Our contribution to this global call for a transition to sustainability is threefold:

  • Designing accessible, high-quality educational resources and training programs that can be leveraged by change agents everywhere to create system-changing solutions fitted to local contexts.
  • Providing training and education programming through intensive, face-to-face courses. 
  • In collaboration with our network of experts and practitioners, provide research, advice, and technical support to policymakers, governments, and NGOs on the development and implementation of transition models for system change.

Synergia’s mission to inspire, educate and animate people to take action is relevant to those beginning the transition journey as well as those who have been in the trenches for years. 

Our invitation to the 2022 MOOC embodies these principles and aims.