Below is a sampling of those comments from young and old MOOC participants: high school graduates and PHDs, architects and engineers, health workers and nutritionists, farmers and trades people, students and activists, policy wonks and politicians, organizers and community developers, educators and movement leaders, and so on.

  • I know this sounds grandiose, but considering, as Greta T has said, “our house IS on fire!”… This course has helped keep alive my last embers of hope (for a “good” fire) that enough Intelligent and compassionate people may still come together to Unite their knowledge, skills, efforts and resources to reach enough of the rest of that 99% of humanity to actually unite sufficiently to collectively make Cooperative Commonwealth a reality within the very little time we have left in which to do so.
  • I had the belief that I understood systemic change before, but now I know I understood it only to a certain degree. I was very much shaken by your approach. It is not seen in social innovation as such.
  • I believe this course was extremely important and made the possibility of systems change feel achievable. It is easy to become overwhelmed. I am truly in awe of the effort and achievement of the course organizers, and I thank them for creating a remarkable integration of the many layers that make up our existence as humans in community on this earth. Thank you.
  • This course exposed me to many different ideas that I had not met before. It has changed the way that I look at and evaluate issues. I have gone even further away from conventional thinking and ideas.
  • I shared articles and case examples/websites with colleagues…. I think from at least two of the modules, maybe three. The material was solid! It added new information and helped me make sense of it all. It was clear and compelling. I agree with folks who talked about the huge value it has!!!
  • Value: Knowing that there are a few hundred people around the world who are actively interested and are now very much connected and on the same page is very heartening.
  • The learning resources provided have removed many hours of sifting through lesser quality materials. The framing will be useful in communicating my work to more folks.
  • Practical: Having access to a pool of ideas is essential for all of us to exercise our imaginations, through taking a dip whenever we wish. I will definitely recommend the resource to others, very useful for getting a group of people on the same wavelength to create further works.
  • I am considering using the course as a teaching tool in my local area, to get already active people with varying levels of understanding regarding what the group is actually up to to the same level of thinking. I predict this will increase the effectiveness of our creations into the future. I will organize a group next time it is run.
  • After the course, my activism took a new dimension. I had things moving with less effort.
  • The course was really good. Please keep developing and expanding it. If Synergia were to offer a degree program on the subject, I would not have a second thought embracing the idea.