Principled Pricing

Solidarity, Reciprocity and Sustainability

Investment of your time is our most cherished resource. Any person prepared to spend the time and energy to take part in this unique learning opportunity is welcome, regardless of their financial means. 

Synergia provides a sliding fee scale. It expresses the core values of reciprocity & solidarity, enabling the widest possible participation in the MOOC.

Registration and Tuition are free for:

  • Those who self-identify as Indigenous persons.This is in solidarity with the goals of reconciliation and reparation as set out in the U.N. Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. 
  • Participants recruited by the Canadian CED Network as part of the STARCAP project.

Sliding Scale: Choose what fits for you

Full Fee

$140 CAD ($110 USD, £82 UK, €98 Euro) 

If you can pay for “wants” and spend little time worrying about securing necessities this price is for you. 

Reduced Fee

$70 CAD ($55 USD, £41 UK, €49 Euro) 

If you are struggling to conquer debt or move away from paycheck-paycheck living but have access to steady income you belong here.  

Solidarity Fee

$1-40 CAD

If you struggle to maintain access to needs such as health care, housing, food, childcare, or are in significant debt, you belong here.  

For the Synergia team, your contribution is a profound expression of both reciprocity and solidarity.  Until now, Synergia has been largely a volunteer effort. Your contribution will enable us to hire a younger and more diverse team of people to help us carry on Synergia’s transition and systems change work in the years ahead.