Organizing for Study and Action Circles

A priority for Synergia is to test the impact of the MOOC with people already connected in a common interest and purpose, who consciously take the course as a group. Why? The reason is simple. We believe the MOOC can be leveraged by groups in ways that will significant amplify and accelerate positive impact.

One thousand individuals taking the course is wonderful. Adding 10 to 20 groups to the MOOC, each of which have interests connected to place, sector, organization, network or movement, or some combination thereof has the potential for significantly accelerating our transition to the ‘Next System’.

We are exploring this idea with experienced change makers in several countries: Skilled facilitators who are connected with people already engaged in issues, campaigns, projects, organizations or networks at the local, regional, national or international level. These facilitators are organizing Action Circles whose members will engage the same course materials as everyone but discuss the relevance of the MOOC to their current group work. Taking the course as a group should strengthen shared knowledge, strategic thinking and the capacity to advance collective work at systems change.

Study Circles group individuals together to jointly explore and better understand the content of the course. They are interested individuals, usually locally based, who will take the course but will gather, on-line or in person on Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp etc., to explore the exercises and learn from each other together, akin to individuals who come to a learning series at the library.