Toward Co-operative Common Wealth: Transition in a Perilous Century


Course Overview & Structure

Today, political, economic, social and ecological crises are deepening, putting life at risk on a global level. Many of us are working toward solutions, that are socially just and ecologically sound. Advocacy for a new economics is growing. But as calls for systems change grow we often work in silos, unaware of each other’s thinking, tools and strategies. Too often, we are missing opportunities to work together.

As practitioners and community educators looking to pool ideas, methods, and efforts, we’ve developed a MOOC—a place filled with contemporary content where like-minded people can come together to discuss and strategize systems change. And we want you to join us.

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Synergia Summer Institute 2017

Screenshot_2019-02-24 Synergia Summer Institute 2017

In the summer of 2017, Synergia launched its first Summer Institute, an intensive two week program at Monte Ginezzo in Tuscany. Entitled Transition to Political Economy for People & Planet, the program involved twenty seven people – activists, scholars, policy makers, and practitioners from around the world. This video documents their experience and insights.

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